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After the payment is completed, PayerMax will send the relevant payment results to the merchant in the form of a data flow. After receiving it, the merchant is supposed to process it and respond properly according to the document specifications.

Notification Specifications

1.The notification will be retried due to abnormal network connection, and merchants need to handle idempotency correctly. 2.When receiving the PayerMax result notification, the merchant needs to respond correctly. If the response is incorrect, PayerMax will suppose that the notification failed and resend the notification until it succeeds (if the notification has been unsuccessful all the time, PayerMax will initiate multiple notifications, the notification frequency is 0s/30s/300s/600s/3600s/43200s - 6 times in total ), but PayerMax cannot guarantee that these notifications will eventually succeed. 3.When the order status is unknown or the PayerMax payment result notification has not been received, merchants are advised to call PayerMax's API interface to confirm the order status. 4.When receiving the notification, the merchant needs to update the transaction result according to the status in the notification. Please refer to the appendix for the status description.

Asynchronous callback notification for disbursement result


Released under the MIT License.