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Operation process

1.The merchant collects the user's account information for accepting disbursement on its own website or APP interface;

2.The merchant makes a disbursement request to PayerMax through the MMC or API interface;

3.After the PayerMax server knows the final payment status, it asynchronously pushes the disbursement result of the order to the specified callback URL to the merchant;

4.Merchants can also actively call the order request API to inquire about payment order details;

5.Disbursement is irreversible and cannot be withdrawn once initiated.

Product form

The merchant can create disbursements via PayerMax merchant dashboard or API depending on what might suit the merchant's business needs.

Automatic Disbursement via API

  1. Simplify manual operation.
  2. One API integrates multiple countries and multiple payment methods to help merchants save integration time and improve integration efficiency.
  3. It can be used flexibly in combination with merchant business scenarios, such as calling the API for disbursement immediately after the user initiates an application.

Batch Disbursement via Merchant Dashboard

1.No need for technical integration, helping merchants to quickly and easily unlock disbursement services.
2.Allow 10,000 disbursement transactions to be done at one time through a single excel file, enhancing payment efficiency.

Released under the MIT License.