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The transfer function is used for transferring available balances between different merchants under the same company entity and supports cross-currency transfers and original currency transfers. The original currency transfer means that the transfer out currency and the transfer in currency are the same currency and there is no restriction on the currency type. When making a cross-currency transfer, you need to fix the currency of one side of the transfer to USD and the other side can be in either currency, direct transfers between two different small currencies are not supported at the moment. If you need to do so, you can convert it through the [Conversions] operation. The merchant will be notified of the result of the transfer by email.

How to make a transfer:

  • After entering the merchant platform, click the [Transfers] button on the [Account] - [Account Balance] - [More] page, or on the [Account] - [Transfers] page, click the [Create] button to enter the transfer process.
  • Select the payee merchant ID
  • Confirm the transfer information (currency/amount transferred out, currency/amount transferred in).
  • Get the transfer result.

Status Description:

  • Processing: The intermediate process of system processing after the merchant has initiated the transfer, if this process is too long, please contact PayerMax staff for confirmation.
  • Success: The system processing is completed, and the funds have been successfully deducted from the payer's account and have successfully reached the available balance of the payee.
  • Failure: The transfer has failed, you can check the reason for the failure on the page or contact PayerMax staff for confirmation.

Released under the MIT License.