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If the user has not been authorized, how long will it take to renew the authorization to time out and the subscription will fail?

If the user has been unauthorized, the current wallet will not update the authorization failure. If the user with the same planId wants to subscribe again, he can adjust the subscription cancellation interface, and create a subscription plan again after the subscription is cancelled.

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Why hasn't a deduction been initiated after placing an order for a subscription?

The basic reasons are as follows. You can log in to the merchant platform to check the subscription status. If you have any questions, you can feedback to PayerMax technical support for verification a. The user is not authorized yet b. User authorization failed c. User authorization is successful, but the deduction date has not yet arrived

The user has a product subscription that has not been cancelled. What should I do if I want to subscribe to the same product now?

It is recommended to proceed as follows:

  1. Merchants can check the status of the last subscription
  2. If the subscription is still in progress, you can call the unsubscribe interface
  3. Then re-initiate the subscription of the product (same planId)

Can I modify subscription information?

There is currently no modification interface, you can cancel the subscription and re-subscribe

After the subscription expires, if I buy it again, will it be renewed on the original basis or a new order will be generated?

After the subscription expires, this order has ended, and re-purchase will generate a new subscription.


If you initiate a continuous monthly subscription and initiate it on January 31, the next deduction will be on February 28 or March 1

If it is initiated at the end of January, we will initiate the second deduction at the end of February, which is February 28, and so on.


Is there a refund interface for subscriptions?

Subscriptions are not refundable.

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