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1000接口请求参数有误/非法参数bizType not support传入的bizType有误
bizType is empty传入的bizType为空
merchant not exist传入的商户号不存在
merchantId is empty传入的商户号为空
gateway authentication failure网关认证失败
version is empty缺少版本参数
sign is empty缺少签名参数
parameters are empty请求参数字段存在缺失
request param format error请求参数数据格式有误
2000接口调用失败system internal error系统内部异常
your request is frequency请求接口频次过高
system busy系统繁忙
get credential fail凭证获取失败
3000权限不足token invalid无效的访问令牌
token check incorrect访问令牌检查错误
token is expired访问令牌已过期
sign is incorrect错误的签名
merchant key incorrect错误的商户密钥
merchant not sign contract商户未签署合约
1072Token状态无效Invalid token statusToken存在,仅授权状态无效
1073Token解绑失败The token does not existToken解绑失败


9993授权失败Your payment was declined due to authentication failure.
9994请求频次过高,请稍后Request too frequently. Slow down and try later.
9995请求被第三方拒绝Transaction failed at issuer end due to risk control. Please contact your payment method issuer for more detail..
9996请求拒绝Transaction failed at processor end due to risk control.
Your transaction has reached the security payment limit. Please switch to another payment method and try again.
Transaction failed at processor end due to risk control.Please try using a different payment method/card.
9997请求超时Request timeout or didn't get result, If you have finished to pay, pls wait for the result.
9998参数为空Wrong parameter, something is empty.
9999业务执行失败标识System is busy.
0003订单未支付,无法发起退款Unable to refund since the order unpaid
0004商户订单不存在The orginal order does not exist.
The order does not exist.
0005退款申请已存在Refund order ID already existed
0007退款订单不存在Invalid refund order ID
0008未开通任何可用支付方式No payment method is available since not authorized.
0009商户号不存在或无权限No payment method is available since merchant is invalid
0017请求参数格式错误Check parameters, something is not correct.
1001商户不存在the merchant does not exist
The merchantNo can not be null.
The merchant memeber does not exist.
The merchant has been offline.
The merchantNo does not exist.
1009该笔订单已超出有效退款时间Unable to refund since exceeding the refund available period
1010退款金额与交易金额不匹配Refund amount is not correct
1023账户余额不足Balance is not enough.
1024金额不正确Amount is incorrect.
1026无效的交易过期时间Invalid transaction expire time
1029国家码与币种不匹配The country don't support this currency, please check it and try again.
1030该支付方式不支持退款This payment method is unable to raise refund.
1031渠道服务商受理失败Fail to process by the payment provider.
1032退款币种与原订单交易币种不匹配Refund currency doesn't match with the original order currency.
1036支付方式暂不可用Bank temporarily not available, please retry later.
The payment method does not exist.
1037账号格式无效或格式不正确Invalid Account Number
1038本订单金额无法受理No payment method supports this amount.
1039订单已支付,请勿重复请求This order has been paid.
1040请求的版本号不支持Invalid version number
1041支付方式不存在The payment method does not exist.
Invalid payment method
1042支付方式不满足限额This payment method does not support the amount.
1044订单已超时关闭This order is closed due to timeout.
1047国家码为空CountryCode cannot be empty. Please check the parameter.
1048用户无法切换国家You already have a payment order. Cannot change country/region.
1050商户传入无效名称Invalid name
1051商户传入无效邮箱 Invalid email
1052商户传入无效手机号Invalid mobile number
1053此支付方式的用户名是必须的Name is mandatory for this payment method
1054此支付方式的邮箱是必须的Email is mandatory for this payment method
1063金额限制Transaction failed due to user exceed transactions limit.
The amount exceeds the limit for the month.
The amount exceeds user amount limit.
The amount exceeds the limit for per transaction limit.
The amount doesn't match the payment method requirement.
The amount exceeds the limit for the day.
Transaction amount exceed current payment method amount limit.
1101无效商户APPMerchant appId does not exist.
The merchant appId is incorrect.
Signature key is not configured.
1111无效合约Merchant has not signed the contract or payment methods.
1102无效的币种Currency is incorrect.
The currency is not supported.
1103授权过期The authorization has expired, pls rebind.
1104Barcode刷新限制Over barcode refresh times.
1105Barcode刷新失败Barcode refresh failed.
1106无效的付款人姓名Your name is invalid, or does not match, please confirm and re-enter.
1107无效的CnicThe CNIC is incorrect, pls confirm and re-enter.
1109支付失败Transaction is not success.
Provider failed to process.
Payment information error.
Transaction declined.
Your payment was declined. Please contact your bank or use another card to try again.
There is no channel to support the payment, pls try again.
Payment was not completed on time.
1110退款失败Refund is not supported at the current time.
The transaction has been chargebacked, refund is not permitted.
The refund type is incorrect.
The refund amount is too small to refund.
The payment method does not support refund.
The original transaction has been full refunded.
The original transaction was unpaid.
The payment method does not support partial refund.
1112请求不存在The request does not exist, pls try again.
1113请求重复The request repeat.
1115余额不足无法退款Insufficient balance to refund.
1116商户未报备Please complete the merchant onboarding, then refresh the page
1117未知错误No further information for the error, please try it later
2000接口调用失败system busy
Exceed request limitation, please retry later
F724认证失败Authentication failed.
F530无效的证件号Invalid personal ID.
F533无效的EmailYour email is invalid, or your account is not active, please confirm and re-enter.
F531无效的文档Invalid document.
F541无效的TC Kimlik No.TC Kimlik No. is incorrect.
F543无效的remarkTransaction remark is incorrect.
F544支付处理中The payment is processing, pls check the result.
4000请求参数格式错误Check parameters, format is not correct.
P01对应支付中订单Payment under process.
F100用户取消Transaction cancelled by user
F150用户超时未完成支付Transaction expired.
F300银行侧受理支付失败Transaction failed at the bank's side.
F301错误的银行卡CVVInvalid CVV.
F302用户提供的支付信息未通过验证Transaction failed at bank end due to authentication failed.
F304错误的银行卡CVV或失效日期CVV or expiry date is incorrect.
F305银行拒绝受理Payment has been declined by bank.
F310密码或动态口令未通过验证Wrong Password or OTP.
F322UPI PIN未设置UPI PIN is not set.
F325PIN尝试次数超限Exceeded PIN retry limit.
F360超出用户支付限额Amount exceeds balance limit.
F363超过日限额Transaction failed at bank end due to user exceed daily amount limit.
F364超过月限额Transaction failed at bank end due to user exceed monthly amount limit.
F365超过日交易次数Transaction failed at bank end due to user exceed daily number of transactions limit.
F366超过月交易次数Transaction failed at bank end due to user exceed monthly number of transactions limit.
F400因银行风控原因拒绝Transaction is delined due to risk control
F401银行拒绝受理Bank refused to process.
F410银行系统或后续系统超时导致的支付失败Order closed due to time out.
F500用户提供的支付信息有误Certain payment detail is not correct.
F501无效或不正确的银行卡号Invalid bankcode
The card number is invalid.
Only support the card which issue by local bank, pls change local card.
Card type is not supported.
Card BIN does not match accepted issuer bank.
Not support the card type.
Expired card.
Not support card.
F502不支持的银行卡组织Unable to process due to the card orgnization is not supported.
F503卡失效日期未通过验证Card expire date is less than current date.
The month of card expriation date is invalid.
The data format is error, please check.
Card expriation date is invalid or expired, Please check or use another card to try.
The year of card expriation date is invalid.
F504卡姓名未通过验证Card holder name is invalid, pls check.
Card holder name is not null.
F505不支持的国际卡International card is not supported.
F506卡或账户冻结不可用Unable to process due to card/account suspended.
F507失效的银行卡Invalid or wrong card number
F508动态验证码请求超限Exceeded OTP request limit.
Request Parameters Invalid.
F512动态验证码错误或已失效Invalid OTP or expired OTP entered.
OTP verify failed.
F514支付账号未注册Payment account is not registered.
F515错误或无效的支付账号Invalid account number
F516OTP验证次数超限Exceeded OTP validate limit.
F520手机号不正确Mobile number is not correct.
F521不支持的运营商The phone number is invalid, pls check and re-enter.
Your phone number is invalid, or your account is not active, please confirm and re-enter.
F523账号冻结或被限制Account blocked or frozen.
F524错误或无效的UPI账号UPI is incorrect.
F525UPI账号关联的手机号已变更Registered Mobile number linked to the account has been changed/removed.
F600渠道服务商受理失败Fail to process by the payment provider.
F700渠道服务商系统异常A technical error occurred. Please try again later.
F810支付通道暂不可用This payment method is not available currently.
F830因网络问题,渠道服务商受理失败Provider failed to process due to network issue.

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