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Integration Process

PayerMax aims to provide customers with safe and convenient localized payment services and globalized credit card payment services. Currently, it covers 150+ countries and regions. PayMax supports services that include global collection, disbursement, etc.

In order to ensure smooth integration, this document provides the standard integration process for PayerMax products.

1. Process Overview

2. Specific Steps

2.1 Business Negotiation

You could send cooperation intentions through the contact us page of the official website, determine the cooperation method and select the products that need to be accessed after communicating with our business in the early stage. For more details, please refer: 【Merchant cooperation entrance】.

2.2 Account Registration

After confirming the product you need from PayerMax, you should send the required documents for signing the contract and the merchant application form to our BD(Business Development). We will assist you in completing the merchant account registration and email you the login account and password of the Merchant Dashboard.

2.3 Environment Configuration

Please complete the test in the test environment first, and then provide a successful order and a failed order to contact technical support in the docking group chat to activate the production environment.

2.3.1 Test Environment

(1) Follow the business negotiation and account registration steps to obtain the Merchant Dashboard login account and password.

(2) Log in 【Developer Center】.

(3) Added new acquiring payment method.

(4) Upload the "public key" to obtain development information. For the usage of public and private keys, please refer: 【Config Settings and Signature Rules】.

(5) Please refer to the relevant guidance documents of 【Product Ability Docking】 below to access.

2.3.2 Production Environment

After enabling the production Environment, please reconfigure the public key and callback address of the production environment on Merchant Dashboard, and obtain relevant development parameters.

2.4 Product Ability Docking

2.4.1 Collection Service Docking

The docking methods of Collection Service are divided into Cashier Payment, Direct API, Payment Tokenization, PayByLink, etc. Taking Cashier Payment as an example, please refer to the Cashier Payment 【API Integration】 to implement related business and API calls.

2.4.2 Disbursement Service Docking

Currently there are two payment methods for Disbursement Service.

(1) API Disbursement, please refer to 【Disbursement Request】 for more details.

(2) MMC Disbursement, please refer to 【MMC Disbursement】 for more details.

2.5 Technical Integration

(1) We will create a joint debugging and docking group to carry out technical docking.

(2) After the joint debugging is completed, please initiate a success order and a failure order in the test environment and provide them to the docking group to complete the activation of the production environment.

Note:For current Collection Service, Disbursement Service, Payment Tokenization, PayByLink and other products, as long as receiving a response from PayerMax, regardless of whether the order is successful or failed, please respond {"msg":"Success","code":"SUCCESS"}, please refer to 【Result Notifications】 for more details.

2.6 Routine Maintenance

After the integration phase, you need to follow up on the transaction situation and conduct routine system maintenance.

Released under the MIT License.