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API Integration

With one API, merchants can integrate all-faceted payment capabilities globally hosted on Payermax, and quickly collect payment on various devices.

1. Integration Steps

2. Order Repeat Check

When the merchant submits a payment request to the Cashier Payment API, the order number must be unique. The order interface supports idempotence. If the call fails, please adjust according to the error code and continue to place an order with the same order number. If the order request is successful, when the same order number is requested again, it will return the order number is duplicated. If the order is pending payment, the cashier URL will be returned. For special requests, please contact PayerMax technical support

3. API parameters

For details, please refer: API

4. Request Cashier Payment with the Payment Method

Cashier Payment supports sending orders by the specified payment method so the merchant can show the payment methods on their cashier page as well.

4.1 Non-CARD

  • If merchants want to request only a certain type of payment method (such as CarrierBilling, BankTransfer), they can send the payment method code supported in the list paymentMethodType, and PayerMax will only display the bank or wallet of this kind of payment method when getting the cashier.
  • If the merchant wants to request a specific brand for the request, it needs to specify the paymentMethodType and the targetOrg at the same time. PayerMax will only display the paymentMethodType and targetOrg specified to the user.

4.2 CARD

When the specified paymentMethodType is CARD, the targetOrg is not required. Specify card scheme through cardOrg.


For the list of supported payment methods and target institutions/card schemes, please refer to【Cashier Payment - Payment Method List】. The payment methods information will be updated at any time as the capabilities supported by PayerMax change.

Released under the MIT License.